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TagTeam Tutoring

  • We have the most highly customized tutoring experience available.
  • We deliver a consistent, high quality level of service.
  • TagTeam Tutoring’s consistent participants perform substantially better by the end of the school year in test scores, grades, and have fewer disciplinary referrals.
  • Students receiving consistent weekly academic support in small groups are more likely to graduate high school in four years, more likely to go to college, and more likely to get a degree in a STEM field. (Dynarski, et al.)
  • Our students show measurable improvements in grades and test scores.
  • Tutors make sessions fun and really motivate students to plan, prioritize, organize and succeed.
  • We build confidence and knowledge in the scholars.
  • Krueger and Schanzenbach found gains in college entrance exams, especially among minority students. In fact, they concluded that ‘working in consistent small academic groups (tutoring)’ through eighth grade cut the achievement gap by 54%.

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