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Fall Opportunities

Hey y'all it's Fall!

Here are a few opportunities, please read thouroghly and respond accordingly. Sessions are scheduled at The Center in Cedar Hill, unless it denotes otherwise.

Remember, sessions are scheduled for the entire school year. Please make sure you can regularly attend the session(s) you schedule.

Mondays from 6-7pm

Grade 3-5 Reading Team

Grade K-2 Reading Team

Wednesdays from 6-7pm

Grade 8 Algebra 1 Private

Grade 3-5 Math Team

Grade K-2 Math Team

Wednesdays from 7-8pm

Grade 6-8 Reading Team (online)

If you would like to schedule or have questions, please text 469-747-3477.

Include the sessions you would like to schedule.

Thank you kindly,

TagTeam Admin Team

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