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Danielle Samuel is an absolute genius! She knew what to do and how to do it when my daughter needed a few more points to pass the Math STAAR test. She was able to raise her score by 74 points with 7 additional questions answered correctly. She passed with flying colors after only 2 weeks of online tutoring. I recommend Tag Team for all students! Thank you Tag Team!! Off to high school we go!!

Nasiche Anderson-Malone

In my daughter’s words..”My tutor is the best!” TagTeam Tutoring is definitely worth the investment for my daughter. In every session I can see her confidence in math getting stronger and it’s because her tutor met her where she was and is doing an AMAZING job taking her where she needs to be. I HIGHLY recommend TagTeam Tutoring!!!

Tasha Grant

Praise alert

For parents stressed out regarding their children’s educational advancement or the lack there of, this message and testimonial could potentially be a blessing to you and your child/children.

Most parents are afraid of opening up to the world regarding their child/ children’s imperfections. However we can’t allow fear of judgment or denial to overtake us with regard to our children.

Today, my son rushed off to school with the biggest smile on his face as if he could take on the world. Seeing him this way warmed my heart. Normally, my son isn’t as excited about going to school. To elaborate, my son’s lack of excitement for school didn’t come about as a result of not liking school but rather from his frustration with the year-long struggle he’d been experiencing with the subject of Math. Seeing my son so frustrated caused me to stress out as well.

A very involved and active parent, I attempted to help him with math myself and with no progress, he continued to struggle with the subject.

Obviously, it’s been years since I’ve tackled the subject of third-grade math myself however I do know that being a third-grader, it can be challenging especially in this day and age. Not being able to properly help my son left me feeling devastated as if I let them down. By far one of the worst feelings I felt inside.

However not anymore!! My son is Now excited about school and eager to show how much he’s learned through the tutoring services provided by Danielle Skinner-Samuel, my son’s learning experience and math skills have drastically improved. He has even been explaining to me how to work the math problems ?

This is only Joe’s 3 week receiving tutoring services and his confidence has soared and he now has more confidence in school and even in himself. I have never seen my son like this. Which goes to show how important it is as parents to invest in our children’s educational experiences early.

Having social and emotional confidence helps within all areas of life. If you have a child or children that are experiencing similar educational struggles like my son did, know that there are ways of helping them to improve. It is extremely important to start the improvement process early on Also, equally important, it is instilling in them the importance of an education beyond just sending them to school daily.

Our children are future and it starts with us. Before the thought comes about regarding the cost of outside supplemental education and instruction, think about this:

The cost of a pair of name brand shoes can cost $100 or more and above where as the cost of supplemental instruction or a tutor can cost $25-$50

As parents we want to give our children the best of everything such as these expensive brands that they love so much however this isn’t as important as a quality education. Such things are temporary where is an education last a lifetime.

Please know that this message isn’t intended to bash name brands or discourage parents from buying them for their children but rather paint a picture of how we can make an investment in our children’s education and place this experience as being priority.
If your looking to invest in your child education Go with this Tutoring service. You can thank me later ?

LaKarol Henderson

Thank you for being professional and effective. Geometry has been so much easier with your tutoring sessions. I highly recommend your services!

Nickisha Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel are two of the best teachers I have ever had. So much so Mrs.Samuel is part of the reason I’m a math teacher today. She not only gave me the foundation, and thinking skills needed to be proficient in math she helped me develop skills that have lead me to having a very successful career as a middle school math teacher and 2 time teacher of the year recipient! They don’t only focus on academics but the holistic child by developing skills that can be used in today’s work force. So blessed to have them still support me in life.

Nyla Atai Love

TagTeam Tutoring was a great resource as my daughter prepared for the ACT. They were willing and able to create private prep sessions to accommodate my daughter’s busy schedule. This was the first blessing, as my daughter thrives during one-on-one instruction. The second blessing, was being paired with Shauna Kyle and Steven Rachel. They were both very engaging and encouraging. In addition to enhancing my daughters’ understanding, they gave her test taking tips and plenty of practice. All of which boost her confidence and speed. My daughter’s ACT composite score increased by four points!! Huge thanks to the TagTeam Tutoring team!!

Dee Glenn