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Share the news… TagTeam is hiring!

Tag, you’re it! Please copy and share with someone who will benefit from this opportunity.

TagTeam Tutoring is on a mission to build academic confidence and knowledge!

We’re looking for passionate in-person tutors with reliable transportation ready to make an impact by helping scholars in grades 3-8 excel in Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Algebra 1.

This opportunity benefits Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Desoto, and Southern Dallas communities.


  • minimum 60 completed hours (preferred)

  • must have reliable transportation

  • strong core subject skills and background (math, reading, science, social studies)

  • must be available during the school day (not necessarily every day)

  • must be able to work at least 2 days per week

  • contract will run from February to May

For more information call/text: 469-747-3477

or visit to apply today!

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